Somneauk Laothang Factory

DakDae is working with the Somnuek Laothang Tea factory to offer high quality tea grown organically in the Phongsaly Province, Lao PDR.

Somnuek Tea Factory established in 2014. The factory is working with more than 150 tea farmers (families) in Phayashi Village, Phongsaek Village, Chaphou village, Phongsaly Province, Northern part of Lao PDR.

The selection of high quality tealeaves through grading and standard hygienic processing are priority procedure of the factory. In order to ensure that every customers experience high quality tea.

Special offer for our factory is tea from 400 years old ancient tea of Phongsaly Province, with unique smoothly taste from local. Every type of tea are grow in mountainous area, average 1,200m – 1600m height. More information about tea: (link to download tea catalogue).

Address: Chaphou Village, Phongsaly District, Phongsaly Province, Laos

FDD/DM 1010089