Prickly Ash

India Prickly Ash (Zanthoxylum rhetsa) is a traditional spice that has been used by the Lao people in their cooking (both at home and professionally) for many generations.  With its unique aroma and taste, it adds a special flavor to Lao cuisine.

Prickly Ash has traditionally been traded locally as a spice, but not sold for any other purpose until 2018, when a Biotrade project, Helvetas Laos and DakDae started to promote prickly ash within the fragrance industry. Subsequently, its unique citrus, lemon / orange aroma has become a new sought-after fragrance.

Prickly ash is grown in throughout Laos, in the southern, central and northern parts, each of which support different species and quality according to their specific geographic areas.

Dakdae’s commitment

Sustainable harvesting and positive community development are the main principles applied by Da!dae when sourcing Prickly Ash for its use. This is consistent with DakDae’s ethics and trade values.

DakDae sources Prickly Ash in accordance with Biotrade principles ( ensuring that our clients have access to a traceable and sustainable value chain.