Phongsaly Tea

Phongsaly is the most Northern province of Laos, located high in the mountains (between 450-1800 m above see level) between China and Vietnam and covering an area of 16 270 square Km, 77% of which are forests. As per the 2015 census, the population is 177 989 with a very low density (11 inhabitants/square km) given the sheer size of wild areas.

At least 13 minority ethnic groups live in Phongsaly having their own language and culture identity. The most numerous ethnic groups are Phounoi, Khmu, Thai Dam, Thai Daeng, Yao, Leu, Hor, Hmong, Akha, Yang, Bid, Lolo.

Tea is one of the main significant source of revenue for local people in Phongsaly Province. Tea in this area grows in 1,600m above sea level, and therefore, perfect for premium tea production.

The tea leaves are naturally/organically grown and handpicked to a standard of 1 bud per 2 leaves with professional processing techniques.

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