Our values

Ngam Té is a social enterprise focused on health and beauty for both people and the environment. Our values are rooted in a love of lao people, traditions, and nature. We seek to provide sustainable jobs and income to our employees and producers, practice and promote environmental sustainability in our products and packaging, and celebrate the traditional health and beauty practices of Laos and all her diverse ethnic groups. In this way, we hope to celebrate and sustain Lao people, Lao culture, and the Lao natural environment.

Who we are

The founders of Ngam Té are women who all call Vientiane home; Kaity from Portland, Oregon, USA and founders of DakDae Social Enterprise. We founded Ngam Té because of our shared passion for natural beauty, environmental sustainability, and fair trade.

Our products

Our products are focused on skin care that utilizes all natural ingredients without preservatives or harmful chemicals. We seek to collaborate with and preserve the wisdom of Lao traditional healers and elders, to celebrate and preserve their plant-based skincare and beauty knowledge for future generations of people in Laos and throughout the world. In this way, we seek to combine the best of scientific research and traditional knowledge to bring you natural plant-based skincare which is truly effective and environmentally sustainable.

We also promote sustainability by using reusable glass containers and locally-produced paper for our packaging, seeking to reduce waste and environmental damage.

Sao Xiengkhouang Serum

This mask/serum is packed with moisturizing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties from organic, raw honey and turmeric. Both of these key ingredients have been used for centuries around the world for their beautifying properties, and will reveal your natural inner glow with their hydrating and brightening effects.

Deep facial cleanser

Remove the dust of the day with the deep cleansing power of activated charcoal. This heavenly daily facial scrub will leave your skin clean and soft with the natural exfoliation and moisturizing properties of baking soda and Lao handmade coconut oil.