About Dakdae

DakDae is a Lao women-led social enterprise, which was established in January 2018. DakDae provides a market platform for high quality, local products from Lao PDR, together with a range of professional services relating to branding and product development.

Happiness is at the heart of DakDae’s business philosophy. We believe that happy producers will produce good quality products and transfer happiness to consumers. Moreover, a happy Earth will offer choice resources to human recipients, and a long-term relationship with local producers and a happy Earth will secure the sustainability of the production supply chain.

The social values of DakDae

The word DakDae means ‘cocoons’ in the Lao language, which represents the undeveloped skills of young, local entrepreneurs, artisans, farmers and producers or DakDae’s business partners, who have hidden skills and talents within, and who will one day grow to be butterflies showing various patterns and colors on their wings through capacity building and marketing links.

The ennvironmental values of DakDae

DakDae sources raw materials that have sustainable and traceable systems; uses local raw materials to reduce the associated carbon footprint; is committed to environmental packaging as well as best practice in waste management.

DakDae is connecting you to traceable products’ value-chain and professional services

Our Partners